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About me

I’m a would-be writer who has put off serious writing for far too long.  So this, my first teeny-tiny step into the blogosphere, is a rather huge symbolic step for me.  It’s my Neil Armstrong moment.

My Neil Armstrong moment.  (Well, this could also technically be Buzz Aldrin.  My husband would probably know, but he's not home right now, so just pretend it's Neil.)

My Neil Armstrong moment. (Well, this could also technically be Buzz Aldrin. My husband would probably know, but he's not home right now.)

Otherwise, I can tell you that I live in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts with my husband, in our second floor condo with a seriously cool projection TV, on which I watch far too many things.  Including some very bad reality shows, which I am strangely unashamed about.  We’re living in a postmodern era, so low culture is the new high culture, right?  I could write an academic paper on it and make it seem legit.

Things I love:  my family;  my friends; spending time with my nieces and nephews; my husband’s sense of humor; British television; good wine; good conversation; intelligent journalism; walking around in the wonderland that is IKEA; novels by E.M. Forster and Wallace Stegner; tipsy late-night shopping at the 24 hour LL Bean store in Freeport, ME; travel; Ireland; London theatre; Seamus Heaney’s poetry; risotto; my iPod; being near the sea; frosting.

Things I don’t love:  ignorance; gluten; political fearmongering; violence; celery; using public bathrooms; ninja movies; going to parties where I don’t know anybody; smoking; injustice; water that escapes from the shower and makes a puddle on the floor; falling down; loading the dishwasher; colonoscopies.

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Mary shared your blog site–which, on a quick look, may be what daughter Tiffany is recommending I use (instead of a more traditional website) to start marketing my writing (novel 3 underway; first two stories complete and copyrighted as novels, screenplays, and stage plays). Good for you! Thanks for setting a good example! Steve

Comment by Steve Calvert

Stumbled across this blog today and am totally loving it! Just wanted to tell you.

Comment by alphabetfiend

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