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Author’s Comment: Blame Ireland
January 19, 2009, 5:00 pm
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200px-ireland-capitalsOK, folks.  So my post for today will most likely come…very late tomorrow.  Because I have this paper due within the next 24 hours on the rise of print culture in Ireland, and it’s long, and I am trying to sprint to the finish so I can at least enjoy some of the inauguration festivities on television.

So blame Ireland.  If it didn’t have such a complicated history, I would be done with the paper by now.  And you would have been enjoying the brilliance of my post while sipping a very nice Pinot Noir,  nibbling a homemade chocolate chip cookie from your Obama Inaugural Commemorative plate, and savoring this brief shining moment of national optimism before we get flushed down the economic toilet.


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You’ve misslabeled the map, around here we call it the “North of Ireland.”

Comment by GEorge McQuilken

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