Six Characters in Search of a Blogger

Week 10: We Are All in the Gutter, but Some of Us Are (Literally) Looking at the Stars



A few photos from our trip to the Harry Bayley Observatory in Barbados; that's my husband looking through the telescope, and me with observatory volunteers/amateur astronomers Bill Sutherland and Clennell Redmon.

After a difficult few weeks preparing for a research paper, I have been in a metaphorical-intellectual gutter, my mind filled with the flotsam and jetsam of reading about Irish print culture in the 16th Century.  And I was a bit desperate about writing this blog, because I am fighting a paper deadline that is a week away, and haven’t been able to focus on the interesting blog topics that I’d promised you a few weeks ago.  (There’s one New Year’s resolution down the toilet.  Sorry, folks.)

Today, I hit a new low by announcing I was going to take a look at “bad hairstyles from the Golden Globes.”  I thought I had lost my blogging mojo.  And I’ve been avoiding writing the posts because I just didn’t want to.  As we are just a few days before the historic inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States, the topic just didn’t feel aspirational enough–bad hair isn’t compelling to me at the moment (except as it might relate to 16th Century monastic scribes in Ireland, or looking at myself in the mirror.)

But then, on a whim, I asked my marvelous husband if he would guest author my blog for me this week.  Yes, the request is a little last minute, not to mention late, but I’m delighted to say that he’s accepted.  (Thanks, honey.)  

And talk about aspirational:  his topic for the week is going to be astronomy–people who are “looking at the stars” (to borrow from that excellent phrase from Oscar Wilde quoted in the title of this post.)  Astronomy has lately become a hobby of my husband’s–as well as for me, by association–and was largely inspired by our visit to the Harry Bayley Observatory in Barbados this past May, where we got to see some fairly amazing things in the cosmos, courtesy of local observatory volunteers and amateur astronomers Bill Sutherland and Clennell Redmon. We have since become members of the Barbados Astronomical Society (for real!)

Hopefully these posts inspire you to do a little stargazing, too.


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