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9.5 I Could Have Been: A Geologist (Because I Heart Rocks)


geologists at work.

Now THIS is sexy: geologists at work. I could watch them measuring core samples all day.

Yep, I Googled myself, and found out someone with my name is a geologist.

I wonder if, like me, she used to play geologist when she was little?  That’s right, Barbie and I used to go out into the wilds of suburban Massachusetts on rock collecting expeditions.  We would fill our pockets with them.  Beautiful ones with specks of sparkly mica; smooth and rounded specimens in a variety of pastels; some that looked like opaque diamonds; others that were interesting shapes; flat ones that were good for hopskotch.  I loved rocks.  Heck, I still do;  I compulsively pick them up on different trips around the world, and have a pile sitting on a shelf in my study.  

I even took a Geology course in college;  the highlights of the class, for me, included attempting to identify the rock that composed the stalls of the college library women’s bathroom (granite, not marble, as my other classmates had guessed!) and my page-turner of a term-end paper on…wait for it…”The Topsoil of Ancient Mesopotamia.”  Unfortunately, that exciting document has long since disappeared–misplaced among old files or discarded.  A great, great loss to history and mankind.

I heart rocks.

I heart rocks.

Why?  Because many people don’t realize that geology is sexy.  Many of us have forgotten that once upon a time, it was a very cool and popular thing to do.  There were amateur geologists everywhere.  Remember Charles Darwin?  Yes, the man who wrote the On the Origin of Species was a geologist.  The same Darwin whose work Sarah Palin so conveniently disses (as she does with all geologists,  except the ones involved in oil drilling) when she says she doesn’t believe in evolution, and seems to think man coinhabited the Earth with the dinosaurs.  

Not impressed yet?  Well, geologists are dinosaur hunters.  (Paleontology is a subspecialty of geology.)  Just imagine if it was your job to dig dinosaur bones for a living–so cool.  And geologists are natural disaster gurus:  think volcanic eruptions.  And earthquakes.  And floods.  And former asteroid collisions with the earth.  And historical tsunamis.  Take any given geologist, show them a cliff face or an area that’s been exposed that features different layers of soil and rock, and they can read crazy disaster patterns galore.  This was a dry year, this year was a wet year, this year had a volcanic explosion, etc.  

In my opinion, geologists are just a little bit magic.

Here are a few great videos from YouTube that show I’m not alone in my admiration of them.  Enjoy!


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