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8.7 The Seventh Day: Other Bloggers Worth Noting
January 4, 2009, 5:11 pm
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blog-to-blogAndrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish:  Never did I think I’d be reading a blog written by a Republican, and enjoying it.  Sullivan is topical, erudite, and compelling…and while some of his posts are much shorter than others, they will make you feel like you have a sound idea about what’s going on in the world.

Defective Yeti:  Blogger Matthew Baldwin makes hilarious daily observations in his blog.  But, to be honest, he had me at yeti.

I, Cringely:  My husband swears by this one.  When I asked my husband how to define the blog, he said, “Robert Cringely is a technology evangelist looking at the impact of technology on everyday life.”  (My husband is wicked smaht.)   I just started reading it, and I’m very impressed.  Cringely’s blog is really interesting–and even provocative–stuff, offering predictions about technological advances and the politics of technology in the coming months and years.  (Note that Cringely’s blog/column The Pulpit was on for more than 10 years, so past posts will be found here.)

Life Begins at 41…or maybe 43:  Louise blogs about her midlife crisis and other interesting topics from her home in Canada.  And she blogs every day, which is no small feat.  Go Louise!

Margaret and Helen:  Two eighty-somethings blog about politics, their families, recipes, life.  I’m not *entirely* convinced it isn’t one of their grandsons (Matthew) doing the posting–the font is so small and the prose so seamless it seems to give things away–but I’m willing to put my skepticism on the backburner in order to keep reading. 

Soule Mama:  Amanda Soule is an amazing mother of 4 who lives in Portland, Maine.  In her blog, she’s the mom I’d like to be (that is, if I ever have a child):  creative, warm, and (not to make a pun here) soulful.  Of course, if I did become a mom, I doubt I’d create such wonderful projects as she–I was born without the crafting gene.  But I’d like to believe I was capable of such things.  Sigh.

Things I Bought that I Love:  Mindy Kaling–otherwise known as Kelly Kapoor on The Office–brings the blogosphere what I’d call a hilarious virtual shopping spree.  She loves stuff: purses and clothes and makeup and lotions and jewelry and gadgets.  And so will you, after reading her blog.  Seriously.  I don’t get whiteheads, but after reading her post about some magical potion that will remove them in 24 hours, I want to buy some.


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I haven’t read any of these blogs before, but there are a few that look intriguing that I want to check out. Thanks!

Comment by Maura

I’m blown away by Soule Mama. She has the handmade, creative, mellow (maybe) life that I covet.

Comment by Em

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