Six Characters in Search of a Blogger

8.5 The World is His Oyster: Gary Arndt’s


Gary Arndt on Easter Island

Gary Arndt on Easter Island

Imagine selling your house (granted, in this market, pretty difficult, but try to remember what it was like only a few years ago.)  Imagine putting your belongings in storage.  And imagine packing a small bag with a few items of clothing, a camera, and a laptop, and taking off on a trip around the world.  For an unspecified amount of time.  And without a detailed itinerary.

That’s exactly what Gary Arndt did in March, 2007–he left his home in Minnesota to go on the adventure of a lifetime by himself.  I have so much admiration for him; to me, it’s extraordinary that he has taken this giant bunjee jump (both literally and figuratively) into life.

What’s great is that Gary, in his blog, takes us along for the ride.  And if you have the travel bug, as I do, you’ll find yourself inspired by his world wandering.

Go, Gary!  (His next stop is Dubai.)


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Thanks for the mention!

Comment by Gary

Hi Gary! My pleasure! I love reading your blog…so I’ve also put you on my blogroll. Best of luck on your upcoming adventures…I look forward to reading along!

Comment by observeroflife

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