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7.5 Keira Knightley Gets Some Christmas Love

Love Actually is a flawed film.  There are hilarious moments.  There are cliché moments.  There are moments when good acting talent is wasted.  And there are moments when the film descends into the ridiculous, such as when the British Prime Minister (played by Hugh Grant) is caught kissing his catering manager backstage at a grade school play.  Cute, but ridiculous.  

But there is one moment in the film that stands out above all others to me.  Of course, it is utterly fantastical–I don’t know many men who would have the imagination or the grace to make such a gesture.  (And I know still fewer women who would be able to resist it.) But I’m a sucker for it nonetheless.  The moment I am talking about is when the character, Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln) shows up at the front door of his best friend’s wife (the character Juliet, played by Keira Knightley) to tell her that he is in love with her.  And it’s done in such a wistful, funny, quiet way that it’s beautiful.


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yeah, it’s almost touchy scene… no real guys do that anyway..

Comment by hawe69

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