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7.3 I Like Life: Scrooge Gets His Drunk On

This post goes out to my friend Mellie, with whom I have had numerous moments of hilarity over Albert Finney’s performance in Scrooge (a 1970 musical remake of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.)    

Now, I must give Mr. Finney great props as an actor–he’s incredibly talented, and I have been very moved by his performances in such films as The Browning Version and A Man of No Importance (to name a few.)  But Scrooge represents a rather comic misstep in his otherwise brilliant career:  my biggest giggles have come during such classic songs as “You…you” and “I Hate People.”

Now this isn’t to say I don’t like the movie…because I do, very much.  It’s a rollicking piece of Christmas kitcsch that you’ll find yourself humming along to, again and again (especially if you have a few egg nogs in you.)  And unquestionably one of my favorite moments is when Scrooge meets the ghost of Christmas Present, drinks a little bit of wine, and allows himself to admit “I like life.”

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate song for Christmas Eve.  So gather with your family, have a little (or a lot of) wine, and sing along (you’ll find it hard not to):


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Alas, my VHS version of this Christmas classic was destroyed in the great apartment flood of 1996 and I hadn’t seen it since. It was on one of the HD channels last week and I subjected my husband and mother in law to their first viewings of it. All I can say is….”I like life. Life likes me. Life and I almost always agree.” Delightfully wretched. I was going to pick up the phone and call, but found myself torn between watching the screen and the bemused look on my husband’s face. Best present I got!

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