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Week 5: Take that, Babs–MY 6 Most Fascinating Characters of 2008

Like me, many of you may have missed Barbara Walter’s interviews last week with the “most fascinating people of 2008.”  She was way off.  But why am I surprised?  Barbara always becomes a bit of a dominatrix at this time of year, telling us whom we should like, whom we should watch, etc. Here’s her list for 2008:    

Barbara Walters recently revealed her "10 Most Fascinating People" of 2008

Barbara Walters recently revealed her "10 Most Fascinating People" of 2008

1. Barack Obama (duh.)
2. Tom Cruise (I don’t get it.  I find Suri a lot more compelling.  And she would probably give a better interview.)
3. Sarah Palin (Won’t argue here, but I’m “fascinated” with her in the way that I am about car wrecks at the side of the road. I’m a rubbernecker. And that’s bad–I know, I know–but I can’t help but look.)
4. Frank Langella (Clearly Barbara likes to score dates by putting people on the list.)
5. Thomas Beatie, the Pregnant Man (rubbing it in the face of women struggling with infertility everywhere. And he’s pregnant AGAIN. Thanks, Barbara!)
6. Rush Limbaugh (Eew. I think I just got sick a little in my mouth.)
7. Tina Fey (I bow before her awesomeness.)
8. Miley Cyrus (Mmkay. I think she can officially go away now. I saw a clip of Hannah Montana the other day, and it was the programmatic equivalent of fingernails being scratched across a chalkboard.)
9. Michael Phelps  (In my opinion, he’s merely interesting when he’s wearing street clothes.  But put him in that ankle-length Speedo?  Fascinating.)
10. Will Smith (Sony Pictures must have paid ABC to feature Smith before the imminent release of Seven Pounds on Dec. 19.  Otherwise, I can’t explain it.)

Me?  I have a slightly different take on things.  This week, I’ll be looking at the 6 Most Fascinating Characters of 2008–from my perspective.  And unlike Barbara, I’m not going to tease you with any hints.  You’ll just have to wait and see.


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