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4.7 The Seventh Day: Bumble, Hermey, and Yukon Cornelius Meet Aflac
December 8, 2008, 2:22 am
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After a very busy week that included writing a research paper, multiple doctor’s appointments, babysitting one of my adorable nephews, and attending a Christmas pub crawl, I’m a bit behind schedule.  So please forgive me for my delay in postings for the week!  

At the aforementioned pub crawl, a few friends did offer some helpful suggestions about this week’s blog and Rankin/Bass characters in general.  My friend Paul mourned the post about Hermey, stating that “people never remember the seven years he spent in ‘Dentists without Borders.’ ”  And my friend Derek strongly suggested that the strange and frightening Rankin/Bass manifestation that is “Baby New Year” should be more closely examined.

I’ll certainly take these under advisement.  But for now, I just thought you’d enjoy seeing how some of my favorite characters sold themselves out last year, when they filmed a commercial for Aflac insurance.  Note that Hermey appears because it was prior to his cyberstalking charges;  Dolly is absent because her term in the New Mexico state mental hospital had begun years prior; and Heat and Snow Miser were busy in contract negotiations with ABC Family channel for their upcoming special, A Miser Brothers’ Christmas, which will be broadcast on December 13.



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