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Week 4: Where Are They Now–My Favorite Rankin/Bass Christmas Characters
December 1, 2008, 2:29 am
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So now that Thanksgiving is over, let the Christmas season begin!  And nothing has ever said Christmas to me in quite the same way as the Rankin/Bass Christmas specials.  Do you remember sitting in front of the TV as a kid, watching that technicolor word “SPECIAL” spiral around the screen and getting incredibly excited?  I think I have such a Pavlovian response to it, that even now, decades later, I’d probably start jumping up and down uncontrollably.  While looking for my feetie pajamas. 250px-rankin-bass-19751

This week, I’ll take a look at six of my favorites.  But because it’s been so many years since these guys were last on TV, I’ll be putting a little spin on it: “where are they now?”  Sort of like an E! True Hollywood Story, but for claymation characters.

But what’s important this week–and what I’d REALLY love–is to hear your ideas about where these characters might be now, or alternate Rankin/Bass characters that are your favorites, etc.  I’ll list your ideas in the “comments” section and I’ll pull the best out for separate posts!

And please…if you like the posts, pass them on to friends!


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Awesome, I love the Misers bios, so keep ’em coming, Kath. I was humming each of their songs as I read. You should have links to that in here as well, so that everyone can proudly declare, “I’m too much!” :>

Comment by Derek

Whoops, you were looking for suggestions as well, so here are some of mine in no particular order, not including the Misers, who you have already covered.

Yukon Cornelius (licking his pick-axe, I think it was some cheap high that he was getting)
The Abominable Snowman (a.k.a. The Bumble, misunderstood, shunned for most of his life, probably went on a killing spree or is holed up in the mountains somewhere)
The Cowboy that Rides an Ostrich (honorable mention for originality, but he is likely in a state institution now)
The Burl Ives-voiced narrator of Frosty (I somehow pictured him as having a drinking problem)
The Rabbit in Frosty (probably eaten the following Easter ;>)
Herbie the Elf-Dentist (likely sex offender)
Burgermeister Meisterburger (can we get ONE portrayal of a German that is not evil, bumbling, or otherwise BAD????)
Albert the Mouse (I see him as having graduated MIT, probably counting cards or playing poker now)

Comment by Derek

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